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Mists of Pandaria raids to be released in stages; first lands one week following launch


Blizzard have begun clearing the fog that still obscures the finer details of WoW’s upcoming expansion, as well they might – Mists of Pandaria’s release date is but one of your human month-and-a-bits away. First to switch on the fans is lead encounter designer Scott Mercer, on the subject of new raid instance Mogu’shan Vaults. He reveals that Blizzard are considering delaying its opening until “a week or so” after Pandaria’s release, which is just bloody typical of a bank.

It would be “similar to how we’ve always handled the start of the PvP season, just to give players a little time to reach level 90 along with their friends and get acclimated to Pandaria’s new 5-player dungeons, daily quests, and scenarios,” says Mercer on the battle.net blog.

“In any case, Mogu’shan Vaults is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the raid content we have lined up for Mists.”

Mists of Pandaria will include two other raid zones – the implausibly-named Heart of the Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring – to be made available “a few weeks” after Mogu’shan Vaults. Sensible traffic-lighting or frustrating gating? What’s the verdict?