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Titan was not going to be up to Blizzard quality

Project Titan

Titan was put out to pasture before we even got to know it: a top secret MMO and new IP that never – and will never – see the light of day, at least not in its original form. “We recognised the path we were on was not going to be up to the Blizzard quality in a reasonable time frame,” Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime reveals. “We asked a lot of hard questions about what it is we should be doing, and I think we’ve come up with something really great.” 

That’s all Morhaime was willing to say about Not Project Titan, the game that’s sprung from the ashes of the retired concept. It’s going to be “pretty different” from the original vision, but that doesn’t tell us much when we knew nothing about said original vision. This lack of information is unlikely to stop rampant speculation, so without further ado: what’s the new MMO (maybe it’s not even going to be an MMO) going to be all about? The comment section is hungry for your ideas.