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Total Casting Call: Farrell reportedly in talks for Warcraft movie

World of Warcraft

Somebody dared evoke ‘professional obligation’ while I was standing near a copy of GTA V this weekend. Cue a Sunday spent driving haphazardly around a fascimile of the Hollywood Hills, watching dynamic happenings and listening in on conversations. Silver screen sleuths Deadline have evidently been driving similar cars near similar open windows in Vinewood’s real-life counterpart, because they’ve overheard ongoing negotiations for key castings in Duncan Jones’ Warcraft.

Two thesps are circling lead roles in Man of Steel and Specific Rim bankrollers Legendary Pictures’ adaptation – the first is Paula Patton, best known for wallpapering the disappointing Mission Impossible reboot they named like a videogame: Ghost Protocol.

The second is one Colin Farrell. Deadline’s sources said chances of the on-off Irish wonder’s eventual casting seemed ‘50/50’ – suggesting that this is only one of a number of potential jobs he’s currently flitting between.

Moon man Jones is apparently in the process of testing other actors for the movie’s major roles. Filming is scheduled to begin just after Christmas, so he’d better get a move on. Jones took a director’s chair left warm by Sam Raimi, and has since found a writer in Blood Diamond scribe Charles Leavitt.

Raimi, incidentally, quit after discovering the extent of Blizzard’s editorial control. Who’d’ve thought Blizzard capable of control freakery, eh?

Thanks, VG247.