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World of WarCraft latest cosmetics let you be beautiful/terrifying


The Blizzard Store has had it’s latest stock of simply fabulous fashion lines, this time containing three rather funky headpieces. The Crown of Eternal Winter, the Jewel of the Firelord and the Hood of Hungering Darkness are all available to add to your wardrobe.

The three items are available from the Store and will set you back €12/$15. As ever, the price allows you to apply your chosen helmet to any character on your account, and any character you create in the future. All you need to is see a Transmogrifier to have the effect applied to your current gear.

The Crown of Eternal Winter was recovered from the battlefield of the Northrend, and allows you to pull off the stylish look of the Scourge – no enslavement by the Lich King required. The Jewel of the Firelord meanwhile lets you sport raw elemental fire right on the top of your noggin. Too flash? Try the Hood of Hungering Darkness, which burns with a lingering curse. Dark and mysterious, guaranteed to woo your crush.

Thanks, MMO Champion.