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World of Warcraft Noblegarden event brings Easter to Azeroth


Easter is done. Finished. Now comes Secretion Monday, when we must solemnly go about the business of hiding the chocolate eggs we received yesterday on top of wardrobes and at the back of cupboards, burying them in nooks, hollows and hideaways around the house to be discovered again sometime in November. But never eaten. Fortunately, the egg business is still a going concern in WoW where, if you’d care to join in, annual festival of life and friendship Noblegarden has only just started.

This celebration sees nobles and lords on both sides of WoW’s forever-conflict cease normal activity for a few days to fill coloured eggs with coins, candy, and the odd bit of treasure, and plant them about Azeroth for players to find.

If you play an Alliance character, you’ll find eggs in Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire and Kharanos. If you’re Horde, you’ll want to head for Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village and Falconwing Square. And in a momentary triumph for peace, which has to takes it victories where it can get them, players from all factions can search together for oval delights in Shattrath City.

Eggs typically contain Noblegarden Chocolate, a currency used to purchase seasonal items, but some host seasonal equipment or items used to summon rabbit companions.

In truth, there’s nothing here to suggest that this year’s Noblegarden will differ in any detail from previous years’ events. It is notable, however, for the relative accessibility of its meta-achievement to low level players.

Noblegarden will run and run, from now til Saturday April 6, when it will collapse into a heap ready to be folded away for next year. Will you be hopping into the festivities? Or have you eaten all of this chocolate before?