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World of Warcraft patch 5.0.4 launches, pets and mounts now shared across accounts


World of Warcraft’s just girded itself for Mists of Pandaria’s September 25 release by patching itself up to five-oh-four, with servers now spluttering back into action, struggling to get their bearings in this brave new era. The Blizzard blog has the full patch 5.0.4 notes, which describe how extensively the game’s systems have been tweaked in preparation for the Panda-spansion. You can now share pets across all of your characters, for a start, which the poor things probably find quite alarming.

Also shared across all of your characters are yourachievements and mounts, the latter removing one of the most irksome barriers between playing multiple characters. Area of Effect looting will let you steal from all nearby corpses. A new World Event has been added, ‘Attack on Theramore Isle’. Cross-Realm Zones have been introduced, which allow players to see and form groups with players from other realms, and all classes have been updated to use a new talent system.Blizzard’s handytalent calculatorshould help you out there.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.0.4 went live this morning.Check out the complete patch notesfor full details.