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World of WarCraft’s Proving Grounds will test your mettle


Sometimes you’ve just got to prove you’re the best. But how do you do that? Just showing off a fancy skill or taking down a difficult mob faster than your guild buddies hardly qualifies as true proven greatness. What you need is tests taken under scientific conditions, with set variables that applies to everyone. Remember all that stuff about making it a ‘fair test’ when you did GCSE science? That’s all coming to World of Warcraft in patch 5.4 with the Proving Grounds. 

The Proving Grounds offers challenges of deepening difficulty for level 90 players. It’s designed as both a practice and bragging rights arena; getting the best scores prove you’re the best, but the ability to play as either a tank, damage or healer in the grounds means it’s the perfect higher-learning facility to hone your skills in.

Choosing Tank will see you tasked with preventing the bloody murder of an NPC at the hands of oncoming waves of enemies. Playing a Damage role will see you utilizing multiple DPS skills against foes, such as chasing down runners, timing your cooldowns and interrupting enemy heals. Opting to go as a healer gives you a party that you must keep alive.

The Grounds provides four levels of difficulty: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Endless. Each mode must be beat to progress onto the next, and Endless will provide stats based on how long you can survive.

Whilst patch 5.4 is currently available on Public Test Realms, Proving Grounds will only be available when the patch is fully released, so keep your eyes on your WoW updater for this one.