World of Warcraft’s Defence of the Alehouse is a MOBA-like battleground


WoWSerbia have been digging around in WoW’s 5.2 Thunder King patch files on the Public Test Realm, and emerged clutching something a bit wonderful. It’s an unfinished battleground map entitled ‘Defence of the Alehouse’. Sound familiar? You bet it does.

Its name is very probably a play on Defence of the Ancients – the Warcraft III map that eventually spawned League of Legends and its ilk. And if you’ll kindly take a look at the overhead map courtesy of WoW Insider below, you’ll notice three lanes:

Expect a tongue-in-cheek variant on existing battlegrounds rather than a fully-fledged LoL rival. Nonetheless, it’s lovely to see WoW turn toits best, playfully referential side. Here’s WoWSerbia’s footage of the datamined map:

What do you think? It’s big, yeah?

Thanks, VG247.