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Wubs are farmed in this Farming World dubstep trailer

Farming World dubstep trailer

There once was a time when developers could release a farming game, knowing it would appeal to farmers, countryphiles and sim enthusiasts. But that simple era is gone. Now people want a bit of flash and flair with their farming adventures. 

Sim developer Excalibur knows what the kids these days like. They like dubstep. So now you have to sit there and watch a trailer of Farming World, with its grain purchases and seed planting, accompanied by wubs and drops and other words I don’t understand. 

Well. Okay, then.

“Farming World allows you to become the Agricultural master in this exciting farming simulator PC game that is packed with an enormous amount of content,” says the game’s official site. “Farming World features over 30 different types of seeds to plant, animals to purchase, roads to place and buildings to construct. Shape the farm in any way you see fit and expand it across a massive map.”

It’s due out on May 2nd, and probably doesn’t have a dubstep soundtrack.