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WWE 2K18 has Virtual Currency, but “no paid microtransactions” and you can get it all for $5


Virtual Currency, or VC, is common in 2K’s sports games, and it returns in WWE 2K18. If your stomach is clenched in fear as a result of reading that sentence, you may have followed the backlash to its implementation in NBA 2K18 last month, which many felt was a new nadir for the aggression of microtransactions in gaming.

What was VC like in NBA 2K18? Read this tale of woe to find out.

But publishers 2K insist the ring will be different to the court. Here’s what they said yesterday via the WWE 2K18 Twitter account:

It seems that all VC in WWE 2K18 is earned from playing the game, particularly the new Road to Glory online mode. You’ll use VC to unlock attribute upgrades and customisation options for your custom wrestler, loot boxes in varying rarities, and plenty more. You can see how it all breaks down here.

Don’t imagine that WWE 2K18 won’t have some additional monetisation, however. 2K have revealed five DLC add-ons, all of which are available individually or through a £24.99 ($29.99) season pass. The first of these, the Accelerator Pack, contains “all unlockable content available at launch in the game’s VC Purchasable section.” It will cost $4.99. Depending on how stingy the game is when handing out VC, and how much VC-locked content there is, that could prove to be an extremely tempting deal.

The game is also getting a John Cena-themed collector’s edition – splendidly titled the Cena(Nuff) Edition – that will contain the base game, the season pass, a signed print, a John Cena figurine, and some more random tat.

WWE 2K18 is out on October 17. Pre-orders are live now at the Steam page.