WWE 2K22 DLC adds wrestlers like Logan Paul, Mr. T, and Machine Gun Kelly

WWE 2K22's DLC puts the sports entertainment in pro wrestling

WWE 2K22 DLC characters

WWE 2K22 is out right now for Deluxe Edition buyers (the regular version launches tomorrow, March 11), and the early response has been… okay. Solid, even. It seems that the new game is dramatically better than WWE 2K20, at least, and now that it’s ready for launch, 2K is ready to reveal some DLC. Which includes wrestlers like Logan Paul, Mr. T, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Sorry, I mean WWE superstars like Logan Paul, Mr. T, and Machine Gun Kelly. Uh, yes, none of them are actually known for in-ring action, though they’ve certainly had parts to play in WWE’s biggest events. Mr. T at least had a boxing match back at Wrestlemania II, and I guess Logan Paul is supposed to team up with the Miz at Wrestlemania 38, so hey. Justifications.

The DLC will be released in waves featuring a total of 28 new playable characters. Packs will be available for individual purchase or as part of the season pass. Each pack seems to spread out the legends, comedy acts, modern stars, and celebrities, so if you want RVD separately from Logan Paul, then, well… sorry.

Personally, I do want the Mr. T option, because this might just be his first playable appearance in a videogame. I just learned today about the cancelled game which would’ve seen Mr. T fight Nazis alongside Will Wright, and I will be inconsolable until I recreate this match in a wrestling game.

Oh, you wanted to know what’s actually in the DLC? Fine, here you go.

WWE 2k22 DLC wrestlers

  • Banzai Pack – April 26
    • Yokozuna
    • Umaga
    • Rikishi
    • Omos
    • Kacy Catanzaro
  • Most Wanted Pack – May 17
    • Cactus Jack
    • The Boogeyman
    • Vader
    • Ilja Dragunov
    • Indi Hartwell
  • Stand Back Pack – June 7
    • Hurricane Helms
    • Stacy Keibler
    • A-Kid
    • Wes Lee
    • Nash Carter
  • Clowning Around Pack – June 28
    • Doink the Clown
    • Ronda Rousey
    • The British Bulldog
    • Mr. T
    • Doudrop
    • Rick Boogs
  • The Whole Dam Pack – July 19
    • Rob Van Dam
    • Logan Paul
    • Machine Gun Kelly
    • LA Knight
    • Xia Li
    • Commander Azeez

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