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X-Rebirth economy will be affected by every trade and every exploding ship

Xrebirth trading screen

X Rebirth has finally warped into release; here’s our X Rebirth review.

The moment X-Rebirth was announced we all knew that one thing was a given: galactic conquest through commercial trade. Forget the fizz of lasers for a brief moment, the big jaw-drop for any X game is the depth of its economy. The latest trailer for X-Rebirth shows that’s not changed a bit. 

Trading will comprise of two parts, small and large-scale. Small scale, like parts and personal weapons, will be traded in-person when you dock at stations. By walking the halls of these metal behemoths, you’ll talk to NPCs and trade carryable items with them. It’s the trading you know and love from The Elder Scrolls and other like-minded RPGs, now in the X universe. Neat.

Of course, you can’t drag huge crates of unrefined meteorite ore onto these stations (they probably don’t fit through the door, and you have 1,000 crates to offload), so for larger-scale transactions you’ll have to dock and allow cargo drones to transport your goods. The accurate economy comes coupled with accurate passage of time though, so offloading a full shipment of goods can take a looooong time. Thankfully you’ll be able to command a fleet of cargo ships to run off and do this task for you, allowing you to nip around the galaxy blowing up pirates instead of sitting in a docking bay for three hours.

And blowing up pirates will directly affect the economy, too. Destruction of property directly affects demand for replacement parts, increasing prices and resulting in massive economy tips should you go all genocidal. Every laser blast counts.

X-Rebirth warps into our universe on November 15th this year, so start getting your calculators ready and set to ‘massive profit’ settings.