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Xbox Game Pass reaches ten million subscribers across console and PC

Microsoft finally reveals how many people are using its subscription service

Many publishers are starting to offer subscription gaming services for access to a catalogue of games, but Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass – available on both Xbox One and PC – is still probably the best deal of the bunch, and the closest thing we yet have to a true Netflix for gaming. Now, Microsoft has finally provided a hard number for Game Pass subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass now has over 10 million subscribers, as CEO Satya Nadella tells investors during the company’s latest financial earnings report (via DomsPlaying on Twitter). Microsoft also reports 90 million active Xbox Live users, which covers folks using its network on both console and PC. Additionally, Project xCloud – the Stadia-style streaming service currently in beta – already has user numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

The subscription offers most of Microsoft’s first-party titles, including its new releases on day one. The base subscription is $9.99 USD per month, though a separate PC-only sub is available for $4.99 – and you can get a bundle with both, plus Xbox Live Gold, for $14.99. The 10 million count likely includes a whole lot of players who’ve signed up for the $1 introductory offer, but it’s a heck of a number regardless.

Ubisoft has not provided numbers for its comparable Uplay Plus subscription, though Electronic Arts did reveal a year ago that its subscriptions – EA Access and Origin Access – had 3.5 million members.

Hopes are high that we’ll see Microsoft’s Xbox Series X reveal soon, which should also bring us a host of details on upcoming PC games, many of which you’ll be able to play with a cheap monthly subscription.