Xbox One PC controller release date set for November

xbox one controller pc microsoft

Microsoft have finally finished work on their PC version of the Xbox One controller. It’s taken a surprisingly long time considering the console launched almost a year ago and essentially the difference between the pc controller and the console is the added presence of a USB wire but its arrival is very welcome.

While an exact release date hasn’t been announced we know it’s set to come out this November.

The Xbox 360 controller’s almost become a necessary peripheral for PC in the past few years as it makes for a significant advantage over keyboard and mouse for racing games and platformers.

The Xbox One controller offers an advance over the 360 version in a number of ways, largely it’s slight alterations to the thing’s shape so it’s more comfortable to play with over an extended period of time.

Ergonomics aside the most significant change is that the home button now summons on oracle if held for six seconds or more. Of course, the soothsaying service isn’t free and there are a good many microtransactions involved but you can forego those costs if you hold down the left trigger while summoning the prophet. Doing that brings forth one of Beelzebub’s minions who will offer up the same fate reading for a nominal slice of your soul.

Another standout feature of the Xbox One controller is that if you rest it on your stomach as you sleep then through the night it will graft itself into your ribcage and replace your heart. There’s no great advantage to this but it’s something which no other hardware manufacturer outside of the medical industry provides.

You can already install drivers for the Xbox One controller for your PC if you can’t stomach the wait till November release.