XCOM 2 co-op mod now available, will eventually support up to 12 players

XCOM 2 Co-Op Tactical mod

XCOM 2’s Tactical Co-op mod is awaiting you and a pal to defend Earth from sectoid scum after entering a beta phase of development this weekend.

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The mod, developed by Team Dragonpunk – somewhat confusingly marked as “(Official)” on the Steam Workshop despite no tangible involvement from Firaxis – so far only allows two players to join forces, and requires a bit of fiddly setting up.

However Firaxis have told the development team that they will be approving code in an upcoming patch to allow up to 12 commanders, so we’re waiting on a mod which lets each person take control of one squad member and turn the game into a turn-based version of Leroy Jenkins’ famously doomed WoW raid. (Sorry, this isn’t a BlizzCon post is it? I’m not sure how to stop thinking about Blizzard games. Help.)

Do remember, this is a beta mod, a labour of love for some punk coding dragons over 10 months, so there’s bound to be some hiccups in an already bug-prone game so, look, we’re just saying don’t be too angry if your best sniper stops taking orders from either of you and runs into the nearest Chrysalid nest.

Here’s some footage of how it works: