Firaxis make a new XCOM 2 enemy known: the Faceless


XCOM has always been about fear of the dark – the horror of a blank screen during the enemy movement phase. Fitting, then, that Firaxis have named a new extraterrestrial in their sequel the Faceless.

The previously unknown enemy was unveiled during a cute PAX clip in which the Commander is seen misusing Mission Control’s big screen to play Civ – before an interruption by the shadowy puppeteer.

“Greetings,” he growls. “We have an urgent matter to address in the city formerly known as Seattle. Efforts to recruit new operatives there have proven unusually successful. A deadly new enemy now stalks the region. Transmitting footage now.”

Not strictly without-face, the Faceless is a hideous, D&D beholder-style beast that stands a couple of heads above your average XCOM squaddie. Like the chryssalids, it appears to take humans as hosts – but remain indistinguishable from the civvie populace until emerging fully-formed on the battlefield.

Returning mutons are even larger and more intimidating now than they were during the original XCOM 2 reveal, and the chryssalid has been “improved” – although not to the player’s benefit. The insectoid horror will now burrow underground to spring out at your ragtag resistance.

How are you taking the XCOM 2 delay?