Topic of the Week: Is XCOM 2 too hard?


This week in XCOM 2, we all died. It was a horrible affair, the misaction of many a seperate commander that lead to the doom of the human race. Let this be a lesson: if PCGamesN is ever allowed to fall, that will be in for humanity. We are the last bastion against some unknown evil we don’t possibly have time to explain. The point being, we now bring a question – is default XCOM 2 too hard?

While pondering the answer, read our XCOM 2 interview with Garth DeAngelis.

For me, it’s a categorical no. It’s a game about learning, and not even one that requires the sort of perfect timing of Dark Souls, eSports or Binding of Isaac – a single bad playthrough and you probably will have identified where you messed up, what technologies you can do without and how to master the ways of combat against the advent. At least on normal.

But it bares thinking about – the first mods released for the game removed the timers on missions and the Avatar Project, taking away the ways it was more difficult than its predecessor. Indeed, the main complaints I saw in Steam reviews and the like were these new timers, saying they removed any strategy from the game. I disagree strongly with that, and the idea that removing them improves the game, but clearly there are those that disagree.

Where do you stand, dear reader, on this most dire of matters? Let us know in the comments.