A new Steam database entry hints at a coming XCOM 2 expansion

xcom 2 expansion

Since the release of War of the Chosen, last year’s standalone expansion for XCOM 2, Firaxis have been quiet on the turn-based tactics front. However, while the studio may not be saying what it’s working on, entries to the Steam database suggest the team could be making a new expansion.

While waiting on XCOM 2 news, you may want to brush up on Phoenix Point’s campaign.

Two months ago an “Unknown App” was added to XCOM 2’s Steam database entry:

xcom 2 expansion

Other than the fact that the entry exists, there are no other details we can pull from the it. Maybe, at long last, we’ll see a new XCOM: Terror from the Deep.

However, the entry that XCOM fan Mazisky posted to the series’ subreddit, included a ‘TLE’ designation, suggesting that it was an acronym for the next expansion’s name.

Any guesses? Personally, I’m going with Texas Longhorn Eatery, and the expansion will see XCOM turned into a turn-based restaurant sim.