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XCOM 2 livestream to show off new Psi-Op class later today

XCOM 2 livestream Psi-Op

It’s nearly February 5, which means it’s nearly time for XCOM 2. Excited? Well, you might want to tune into the livestream Fireaxis are hosting later today, wherein designer Jake Solomon will be showcasing his “personal favourite class” – the Psi-Op. The stream kicks off at 11am PST, 2pm EST, and 7pm in the UK. 

XCOM 2 made our list of upcoming PC games to watch out for this year.

Announced on Twitter earlier, the stream won’t go live until the times noted above but can be viewed on the Fireaxis Twitch channelwhen it does.

Earlier this month, the Fireaxis team granted YouTuber ChristopherOdd exclusive access to Solomon’s class of choice which he demoed at length in a video. From it, we learned XCOM 2’s Psionic Operative class has the ranks of Acolyte, Adept, Disciple, Mystic, Warlock and Magus.

Levelling up requires time spent in a Psi Lab, instead of field training, and it takes five days to train for. The class also harbours 14 abilities that are randomised in groups of three as you level up, all of which range in effectiveness and efficiency. Here’s ChristopherOdd’s rundown:

I’m yet to get my hands on XCOM 2, but I must admit: what I’ve seen thus far excites me. Jeremy, on the other hand, has and enjoyed his brief stint exploring its pseudo futuristic world.