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Get your first look at XCOM 2: War of the Chosen’s Templar super-psychics

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As Commissioner Gordon once said, we use psionics, they use semi-automatic psionics. Something like that. The point being that XCOM 2: War of the Chosen brings a lot of new threats for the rebellion to handle - and things for you to use to stop them, too.

In the latest preview video, Firaxis show off the edgiest edgelords to ever face the alien threat - dual-wielding psychic ninjas by the name of Templars. They’re pretty rad.

Here’s what we know about XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and all its new, playful friends.

It’s the first deep dive we’ve had on their systems and appearance since the announcement at E3. I wasn’t expecting the helmets but, actually, I do quite like them.

As for how the Templars play, the focus of their systems is a whole different style of gameplay to what we normally see in XCOM. It gives a more direct reward for clearing an area quickly and efficiently. They seem especially good against the new insta-kill Lost zombies, letting them feed quite effectively.

War of the Chosen is due on August 29 and will include two more new human factions to go alongside the Templars, the elite alien Chosen, and much more besides. Here’s our recent playthrough of a mission with game director Jake Solomon:

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cpt.fantastic avatarBen Barrett avatar
cpt.fantastic Avatar
8 Months ago

Haven't been following the second Xcom after the launch and the new DLC's make it look like Power Rangers to me. First one was 'good' but not good enough that I would like to have more of the same.

Ben Barrett Avatar
Ben Barrett(1 day 17 hours played)
8 Months ago

It's pretty different from the original XCOM, in almost every way. It has gone pretty over the top when it comes to abilities and such, but I really like it. A lot more than the original.