XCOM 2 will have native Steam Controller support, 2K recall Fred Dinenage to explain How 2 use Avenger ship

XCOM 2 Steam Controller

This keeps getting better. After explaining the intricacies of the game’s concealment mechanics yesterday, How 2 host and childhood idol of mine Fred Dinenage is back to explore the workings of XCOM 2’s Avenger – “your new mobile HQ”. Also, XCOM 2 has native Steam Controller support. Also, also, check out the map below for when XCOM 2 will unlock in your corner of the world. 

Not long now. Get yourself set with Jeremy’s XCOM 2 review.

How 2 beat the aliens who’ve stolen our planet, then? “If you’re going to succeed,” says Dinenage, “then you’re going to have to understand how best to use all the resources we’ve assembled here on the Avenger.” It’s a reclaimed alien ship, we’re told, and, well, I think I’ll let Mr Dinenage relay the rest:


In other news, it seems XCOM 2 has native Steam Controller support. As discovered by Redditor dsiOneBAN2, the support is pretty comprehensive with three sets of bindings for the game’s menu, geoscape and tactical modes.

All of the in-game commands are listed too, which should help with the setup of custom binds. Check out the thread in its entirety for more detailed information.

And here’s when XCOM 2 will unlock wherever you are in the world:

XCOM 2 Unlock