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XCOM 2’s Anarchy’s Children DLC will let you rebel against the Advent in style from today

XCOM 2 Anarchy's Children

You know what XCOM troops really need? Top hats. Steampunk goggles. Spiked helmets.  The Advent won’t know what to do. They might even be tricked into thinking that these trained killers are actually just heading to an industrial metal gig. 

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Those items and a whole lot more are available from today in XCOM 2 with the launch of the game’s first post-launch DLC, Anarchy’s Children.

The pack will net you over 100 new customisation options, running the gamut from new hairstyles to fancy props like post-apocalyptic punk gear. It’s enough to make even the Berserker stop and stare.

Anarchy’s Children is part of the XCOM 2 Reinforcement Pack, which contains three pieces of DLC, including the Alien Hunters DLC, which adds even more customisation options and a new enemy, and Shen’s Last Gift, which introduces a new soldier class, new weapons and a special map and accompanying mission. These will be available later this year.

The DLC is also available separately.

Are these new looks tickling your fancy?