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XCOM 2’s first DLC, Anarchy’s Children, lets you dress your soldiers as rejected Dragon Ball Z antagonists


XCOM 2’s first DLC lets you dress your squad up like they’ve been designed by Hideo Kojima.

It’s first DLC drop might not be very exciting, but XCOM 2 is fantastic. So good, in fact, that it’s in our picks of PC’s best strategy games.

The DLC, called Anarchy’s Children, even sounds like the name of a bad ’80s punk band. Buying it will give you access to over 100 “exotic” customisation options for your squadmates, including new armour, lower face props, face paints, hair styles, helmets, masks and other things that you use to cover up your human skin. Head spikes are so in right now.

So yeah, basically XCOM 2’s new DLC lets your squad all go a bit Mad Max, for some reason. I suppose WWII pilots used nose art to display their individuality and attempt to strike fear into the opposition with rows of menacing teeth painted down the plane’s fuselage, so at least there’s precedent for this sort of mid-war style crisis.

Anarchy’s Children is included as part of the Reinforcement Pack, available for £15.99, and on its own for £3.99. Soldiers must be at Sergeant rank or higher to access all cosmetic options included in the pack. There’s also a patch being prepared with an eye on performance optimisations and bug fixes. More information is coming “very soon”, according to the official Anarchy’s Children announcement.