XCOM 2’s music is composed by Tim Wynn of Enemy Unknown and Red Alert 3

XCOM 2 composer

Firaxis send word that Tim Wynn is returning to compose music for XCOM 2, having done a chilling, spooky job on Enemy Unknown. His work will be available standalone on iTunes, as well as coming as part of the Deluxe Edition. Plus, y’know, probably a thousand different variations on YouTube with timestamps and so on too. Hooray for the internet.

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In case you were wondering how the classically overwrought PR machine handles soundtracks, here’s the official description from 2K:

“The score for XCOM 2 continues the legacy sound of the acclaimed reboot and expands the franchise’s sonic palette with emotional orchestral themes and synth-driven sci-fi ambience now defined by the epic fight to take back the planet.”

Oh good, I was worried the soundtrack to this strategy game about shooting large grey aliens wasn’t going tochange my very definition of reality but now I know better. Come on folks, maybe just link the excellent soundtrack to the reboot and be done with it, eh?

Tim’s clearly got a talent for slower paced, ambient themes. He did some of the less frantic stuff on the Red Alert 3 soundtrack too, providing decent contrast with Klepacki’s all-out all-the-time style. More of that will be great for the sequel.

While having a poke around for XCOM 2 news, I came across this fantastic mashup of footage from the game with the style of the Cowboy Bebop intro. Irrelevant as it may be to the topic at hand, it is brilliant, so here you go:

Give the creator, IonBomb, some props on Reddit.