XCOM: Enemy Within trailer shows off smartly dressed terrorists getting all up in XCOM’s nethers


Of course, when I say “nethers” in the title I mean the nether regions of XCOM’s base. Any other suggestion your brainbox may be throwing up is on you. Bum.

Yes, the new trailer shows Exalt in action. The group of human revolutionaries are a new faction added by Firaxis. They have every intention to mess up your missions and ruin your plan to rid the Earth of aliens.

When I played XCOM: Enemy Within at Gamescom a couple of months back there was no talk of the Exalt faction. The developers said that it was only the genetic modifications derived from the alien physiology which drew from the expansion’s title. What they were keeping quiet about is that Exalt are a human faction who will infiltrate your organisation to reduce your funding, destroy your base, and essentially make a right old muddle of your job.

Steve’s gone toe to toe with Exalt recent hands on.