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XDefiant developer responds to recent movement tech nerfs

Bunny hopping just got nerfed in a recent XDefiant update and some fans aren’t happy. One developer has given some insight into the changes.

XDefiant developer responds to recent movement tech nerfs: A crow-hatted character in XDefiant throws up their hands in exasperation.

XDefiant is definitely a game to watch as it heads towards its first season. Ubisoft is responding to player feedback quickly and introducing changes to try and make a fairer playing field. A recent patch aimed to make spammy crouch jumping a little less viable and generally it’s gone down well but there’s a contingent of players who aren’t pleased.

If you don’t know what bunny hopping is, it’s a way of crouching and jumping to make your character’s movement unpredictable while still being able to pull off shots in an FPS game environment. In XDefiant, the game quickly lent itself to players performing these maneuvers. That’s been nerfed somewhat in the latest update, with an aiming penalty being introduced the more a player hops about.

While some fans have reacted with joy at this news, there’s a few that aren’t happy about its introduction. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, developer Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price gives some insight into why these changes have taken effect, focusing around aiming down sights (ADS) as an affected mechanic.

“If you played during the Closed Beta a year ago, you might remember our ADS Sway penalty for jump and crouch spam behavior,” the post reads. “Our philosophy is pretty simple: We want all players to be able to utilize all of our movement mechanics…but keeping in mind it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.”

The full text of the tweet about XDefiant movement nerfs.

The post then goes on to detail exactly how this ADS penalty is triggered. “Once you reach the minimum number of inputs, we add sway(in ADS) and spread(in hip fire) to your weapon, that will get continually worse until it reaches its maximum amount,” it says. “We will give you 3 inputs within 1s intervals penalty free. Each time you initiate a jump, that timer refreshes and if you hit a 4th jump while that timer is running, we will trigger the penalty.”

Overall, the reaction on the game’s subreddit and in replies has been positive to the information presented in this post. That said, the feedback has turned to another aspect of the game, with players raising issues related to bullets seemingly not registering upon impact, giving enemies an appearance of soaking up far more damage than they should be able to.

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XDefiant is out now, you can play for free and you can read the latest patch notes over here.

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