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XDefiant’s spammy movement tech is no more, as Ubisoft cracks down

The XDefiant spam tactics of jumping and crouching have finally been nerfed by Ubisoft, as the CoD rival makes plenty more changes.

XDefiant spam patch: a close up of a soldier with their face covered, apart from green tinted goggles showing determined eyes

Ubisoft has finally put out some fixes for the spammy behavior in XDefiant, alongside a suite of fixes for the Y1S0.3 patch notes. As the Call of Duty rival finds its feet a meta is bound to emerge, but Ubisoft still wants to make sure that it’s rewarding player skill and not letting more frustrating behavior slip through the cracks. To that end, the jump and crouch spamming tactics look to be no more.

The short-lived era of XDefiant bunny hops is already over. Ubisoft is making some big changes to the FPS game, and the overused movement tech getting culled is one among them.

“Added aiming penalties for players who go to town on the jump/crouch buttons, aka the nuanced tactic of jump spamming, aka the maddening exploit of jump spamming,” Ubisoft writes. “Opinions vary.” This means you should see much fewer bouncing players in your XDefiant games.

The XDefiant spam nerf has been in the works for a couple of weeks, with developer Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price outlining Ubisoft’s overall philosophy on that kind of play. “We absolutely want players to use all mechanics in our game and not feel restricted – but there’s a sweet spot between intended use and spam and we want to get that right.”

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Walking speed while aiming down sights has also been reduced slightly, and the sniper flinch mechanic has been changed as well. “Revamped how snipers flinch when they’re tagged by enemy fire, increasing the flinch and keeping it going through multiple hits.” By the sounds of it, hardscope sniping is going to change a little bit too; now you’ll want to have more distance and be a smaller target, otherwise, you’ll be flinching all over the place.

The camera device has also seen a fix, as before it would shake violently when nearby explosives went off, making them almost unusable. Now, the camera will only shake if you take damage from a nearby explosion instead. The full patch notes can be found right here.

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