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Xi3 Piston reveal coming 30 September following Valve’s announcements

xi3 steam box valve steamos

Xi3 are teasing a new reveal concerning their mini computers, the first machines to be linked to Valve’s Steam Box initiative. Their site’s adopted a splash screen saying “The wait is over” above an image that mimics Valve’s own teaser series.

Of course, Xi3 are telling porkies. The wait isn’t over, they’re making the announcement on 30 September.

Xi3 linked themselves to the Steam Box initiative back when it was first announced in January. Though, Valve went on to say that the projects weren’t tied any longer.

The announcement tomorrow could cover a number of topics: Xi3 may announce the machine’s running SteamOS, that they’ve begun shipping the consoles, that they have a new version of the console specific to mid proce range gamers.

We’ll know tomorrow.

Cheers, Polygon.