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XSplit servers hacked, reset your passwords now


If you use XSplit to broadcast your live streams, then you’d best hop on over to your account page and change your password ASAP. The XSplit servers have been compromised, and a number of details may have been accessed by the offending force, including your username and password. 

An update on the XSplit blog earlier today alerted users to the problem, stating that “various data on XSplit’s servers may have been compromised; In particular, your XSplit account name and password, as well as account name and stream key for live streaming services that you have used.” As per usual with these kinds of data breaches, XSplit recommends you change your password immediately, which can be done by using the XSplit password reset function.

XSplit emphasise that payment details are safe, though. “We want to reassure you that NO paypal or credit card payment information is stored with XSplit account data” states the blog. XSplit also recommend the sensible idea of changing passwords on any other accounts you have that may use a similar or identical password.