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Yakuza 7 has a racing minigame that’s basically Mario Kart

Yakuza Kart is racing your way

Yakuza has always been known for its ridiculous minigames, and while Yakuza: Like a Dragon will mark a sort of soft reboot, the seventh title in the series will keep these sorts of traditions intact – even if it’s going wild with changes like turn-based combat. New details from the Japanese gaming mag Famitsu reveal that you’ll even get a criminal version of Mario Kart.

Dragon Kart, as it’s called in a translation via Segabits and Gematsu, will be a racing game where you ride karts through the streets of Yokohama. You’ll get power-ups by driving through crates, which will let you fire Gatling guns and rocket launchers at enemies. No word yet on whether truly horrifying weapons, like blue shells, will be involved.

You’ll also be able to get into other delightfully silly activities. For example, protagonist Ichiban Kasuga has a rough time staying awake during movies, so one minigame has you struggling to stay awake in a theatre. (I’ve never found a videogame character so relatable before.) Another game will let you get into PachiSlot, for the truest Japanese arcade experience.

The article also runs down a summon ability, which you can activate through your smartphone by paying a few yen to bring in helpers including past Yakuza cameos and a crayfish.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is currently only scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, but recent titles in the series have dutifully been making their way to PC. Here’s hoping the wait this time around is not a long one.