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Yandere Simulator, a game where you kidnap and torture school girls, has been banned from Twitch

Yandere Sim banned from Twitch

I never like to see a game banned because of its content, but it’s difficult to argue against the case of Twitch’s recent ban of Yandere Simulator, an in-development game about torture, bullying, murder and general creepiness, all in a high school setting. 

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The developer of Yandere Simulator has created a blog post and video about the streaming service’s decision to ban the game, in the hope the decision is reversed.

While the developer has stated he is willing to make some small alterations, apparently the more problematic elements of the game are to be retained no matter the price, which is probably for the best, because otherwise people would probably accuse Twitch of censorship.

“I would only be willing to change minor and insignificant things that aren’t part of my vision for the game, such as the skin texture during Titan Mode or the size of steam clouds on a nude character’s body,” says YandereDev.

“I would not be willing to remove gameplay mechanics or change parts of the game that are essential to my vision, such as torture, bullying, panty shots, erotic manga, the ability to kill students in a school setting, etc.” Imagine “panty shots” being essential to your artistic vision.

The post continues: “I hope that Twitch re-examines their criteria for banning a game from their service. I hope that Twitch realizes that Yandere Simulator isn’t anywhere near as bad as many of the other games that they’ve banned.

“I hope that Twitch realizes that they presently allow people to stream games that are far worse than Yandere Simulator. I hope that Twitch revokes their ban on Yandere Simulator.However, I’m not going to hold my breath.”

The developer has made a video that already has nearly 500,000 views, explaining his predicament, and laying out which parts of the game he is willing to tweak. You can watch that here.