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You can now pick up the CryEngine when you’re shopping for games on Steam

CryEngine on Steam

Crytek’s CryEngine is now available on a subscription basis exclusively on Steam, offering subscribers full access to the engine and development suite for £6.99/$9.90 per month, or at a 17 percent discount for six months. 

It’s the first complete engine to be offered on Steam, costing half of the Unreal Engine subscription. And Crytek won’t be demanding any royalties. 

Crytek’s subscription initiative came hot on the heels of Epic’s own, similar, announcement, undercutting it considerably.

“We wanted to ensure that when we released CRYENGINE to subscribers, it would be in the best place to address today’s indie gamers and developers,” Crytek’s business director Carl Jones explains. So they opted to release it on Steam.

Subscribers get immediate access to the full development suite, and the subscription ensures that they receive updates via Steam.

Along with the CryEngine, Crytek have thrown in Wwise, an audio engine and integration tool. “Used in AAA games across console, desktop and mobile platforms, Wwise provides a complete audio integration pipeline that we’ve deeply integrated into CryEngine,” says Crytek.

The CryEngine is available to subscribers now, and you can check out a full FAQ for the “Engine-as-a-Service” program here.