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You’ll believe a bike can fly: Trials Fusion launching on April 16th

Trials Fusion launches April 16th

I’ve always dreamed of owning a motorbike, but it’s a dream that is unlikely to become a reality. I’m rather dyspraxic, so I’d probably just fall off it, and my perpetually worrying mother promised she’d write me out of her will if I ever even sat on one. 

It’s okay mum, I’ll just play Trials Fusion, instead, since it’s launching on April 16th. Take that!

Trials Fusion brings back the wacky, often dangerous, physics-based tomfoolery of its predecessor while adding new features like the FMX tricks system that adds more challenges and tricks that change depending on the position of your bike, and an expanded level designer which gives players all the tools developer RedLynx used to design the official tracks.

You’ll be able to grab it for £15.99, but there’s also one of those maddening season pass options, where you can throw down another £15.99 and wait for the six planned slices of DLC to drop between launch and April 2015.