Your gaming life: Turn your Steam Stats into revealing pie-charts


If you’re reading this chances are you have a library of games on a Steam account. Here’s a question for you: do you know how many you’ve played? Do you play one game way more than the others. Steam does a decent job of presenting the stats it collects to the players, but if you want a real slap in the face the Steam Profile Analysis site will break down your gaming for you.

Update: Sadly this service is now shut down.

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Just stick your Steam username in and see the percentage of games you’ve played. To me numbers are mostly meaningless, but seeing them presented as a pie-chart is revealing: nearly half of my tracked 1698 hours have been in one game: Team Fortress 2. It’s taken 48.5% of my Steam gaming life. In one regard that skews the stats, with the rest of the games showing a more gradual trajectory of hours, but on the other hand it’s exactly what I’ve been playing. I’m not ashamed that I’ve played almost 200 games, though: for someone with 1209 games on his Steam account, that’s a fair achievement. My mum is proud.

It’s not a complete view of my gaming habits: Steam’s stats are a little fuzzy and there are loads of games that I don’t have on Steam. Minecraft would be in second place if it was tracked on Steam, Eve Online would be up there as well. This chart is reporting only an hour on Fallout 3, whereas I lost a month to that. And I’ve logged more hours in this Frontier Elite II remake than I have any number of full releases, and my hard-drive is strewn with indie games and freeware. It’s no a complete view of my gaming life, and it won’t be of yours, but is rather revealing, and frankly I’m a bit embarrassed.

But, yeah, time to uninstall Team Fortress 2. In a bit. Just one more game.