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Streamers cry foul after YouTube terminates accounts linking to Twitch

Team Fortress 2

Several noted streamers have had their YouTube channels sanctioned or terminated after posting videos that direct users to their Twitch streams, and while YouTube says it’s just a matter of enforcing existing policy, some streamers say it’s not being done fairly.

Team Fortress 2 streamer Surny’s YouTube account was terminated July 11 when he received a ‘strike’ for posting a video titled “lol,” which pointed users to his Twitch channel, where he was starting a livestream.

YouTube has said it’s enforcing a policy to keep the platform free of spam, and content whose main purpose is to “drive people off of YouTube and onto another site” is usually considered spam.

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As Polygon reports, Linus Tech Tips also got hit with a recent strike, and it also was for using YouTube to publicize their live WAN Show, which they broadcast on Twitch.

LTT acknowledged that the “spam” guidelines were established a while back.

“To be clear these guidelines have existed for a long time,” the group tweeted when they got the strike last month. “The enforcement is new.”

Team YouTube responded to LTT’s tweet, saying that there isn’t any new enforcement and that it’s fine to promote Twitch streams on the platform. However, content that has no audio or video, and just links out to another platform, will often be counted as spam.

Still, streamers aren’t pleased. Fellow Team Fortress 2 streamer Doomsday.exe uploaded a video called “YOUTUBE IS A JOKE. #SaveSurny” when he learned of Surny’s termination.

As Doomsday points out, the one-strike-and-you’re-out enforcement used in Surny’s case seems pretty suspect, particularly in light of Logan Paul’s relatively light punishment following a series of tasteless stunts posted to his channel over the past year. And given how common it has been to promote Twitch streams using YouTube, the suddenness of Surny's termination stands out as strange.

Both Engadget and Polygon reached out to YouTube for comment on the issue, and were directed to the series of tweets by Team YouTube in which they responded to Linus Tech Tips.

For his part, Surny is continuing to stream on Twitch. “Uh oh,” he tweeted earlier today. “It’s one of those STREAMS on the forbidden website.”

He included a link to his Twitch channel, and an animated .gif of a triumphant Skeletor. His YouTube channel is still in a suspended status.

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
2 Days ago

Rules may have been set for a while but YouTube have no indication till now that it was against the rules to promote streaming services. To suddenly act with a ban-hammer should not be the first cause of action, but instead a public warning message to 'Tubers saying that starting next week they will stop waving punishment to those who abuse the rule.

Ignoring the poor handling of punishment, the rule is pretty rediculous in the first place. They're saying it's fine to promote your twitch channel, yet if you were to promote it then you're subject to twitch's opinion whether the video content was substantial enough to warrant it's posting.

They'll continue to make harsh single-handed judgement against these uploaders, calling videos many of us find useful "spam". Is there really any fear of a service bloat, so the titles will become harder to search? If that was the fear then they should offer uploaders methods to time-restrict videos so they'll take take themselves down after short periods (however long the WAN Show lasts/takes to be reuploaded to YouTube in full). Start your punitive measures towards those who leave the bloat videos up rather than people offering increased accessibility towards their viewers. This all feels like a 5 year old child kicking and screaming how it's not fair Twitch has the bigger livestream audience. That streamers should join YouTube Live or stop using YouTube altogether, since Google won't play ball anymore. Considering how they're a free and open service happy to take random people's gameplay uploads to get 3 views from friends and never be touched again,

I get all this is within YouTube's rights, my irritation comes from the paper-thin excuse they're holding up as the reason for their sudden childish actions. To pretend they've got nothing against Twitch is just painful. Admit competitiveness or accept streamers will use your platform to increase their income elsewhere, don't hide behind lies and excuses.