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Zenless Zone Zero 100 free pulls promotion is making everyone confused

The Zenless Zone Zero 100 free pulls promotion is causing launch confusion for the new Hoyoverse gacha game as players look for rewards.

Zenless Zone Zero 100 free pulls promotion causes confusion - Nicole, a woman with pink hair, gives a peace sign.

Wondering where your Zenless Zone Zero 100 free pulls are? As the newest gacha game from Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail maker HoYoverse arrives at last, a launch promotion promising 100 free ZZZ pulls is causing confusion among players, with many expecting their rewards up-front. In reality, however, you will get these free rewards eventually, but you’ll have to wait for a while to access them all.

The Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 launch is finally here, and with it developer HoYoverse announces, “play the game to obtain up to 100 free pulls and 80 Boopons.” That’s a lot of chances to grab new agents in the anime game, so players are understandably eager to get their hands on these as quickly as possible. Unfortunately you won’t just be handed them when you first boot up Zenless Zone Zero.

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The free pulls and Boopons – the latter used to summon Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo – are being handed out over time as part of a series of ongoing limited-time events running across the first few weeks after launch. That means you won’t get them all at once, but instead must check in regularly to claim them as you go.

Your rewards are spread out across multiple Zenless Zone Zero events: you’ll get ten Encrypted Master Tape from the New City Visitor’s Passport Event and another ten from the Sixth Street Giveaway starting a week after launch. Ten Master Tape come from the Cunning Generosity event and 20 from pre-registration rewards. Five Boopons come from pre-registration, with another ten from the ‘Eh-Nah’ Into Your Lap event set to start on Wednesday July 24.

Zenless Zone Zero 100 free pulls - A promotional image promising 100 pulls and 80 Boopons.

Finally, the Road to Proxy Greatness rewards you with 1,600 Zenless Zone Zero Polychrome (enough to buy ten tapes), 40 Master Tapes, and 65 Boopons. This spread of rewards is likely to discourage players from rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero – the act of deleting your account and restarting for another chance to get the characters you want most in your initial round of random rewards.

You can also get some bonus items by making use of the current Zenless Zone Zero codes, which include one that confusingly makes use of the ‘free 100’ moniker but is actually offering a selection of other currency, seemingly as a nod to the promotion in general.

The good news, then, is that you will eventually get your rewards as promised – you’ll just have to be patient about them. The confusion among players who expected them to be available from the get-go is certainly understandable, however. You should have them all in time to take advantage of the current Zenless Zone Zero banners, at least.

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