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Zenless Zone Zero gives you free pulls as thanks for launch success

HoYoverse hands out ten free Zenless Zone Zero pulls to all players as it passes 50 million downloads globally for the new anime gacha game.

Get ten free Zenless Zone Zero pulls as HoYoverse celebrates huge launch success - Ellen Joe, a red-eyed girl with a shark tail, stares at you as she eats a lollipop.

Getting free Zenless Zone Zero pulls is always welcome news, and developer HoYoverse is offering just that right now as a thank you to players. The stylish urban follow-up to Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail has already seen huge success in its first two days. Releasing on Thursday July 4, the anime game is proving a colossal hit so far, and if you’re eager to get your hands on its best characters at launch you’re about to earn some extra chances.

Zenless Zone Zero Polychrome is used to unlock Master Tape, one of the most valuable resources in the gacha game thanks to its ability to let you roll for a chance at the most elusive characters. With news that Zenless Zone Zero has already reached an incredible 50 million downloads globally after just two days, HoYoverse offers everyone playing enough Polychrome for ten free pulls as a special reward.

“A city that once only existed in the hopes and dreams of the dev team has never been as buzzing with life as it is now,” it writes. “Your patience and support have made New Eridu what it is today. As a gesture of thanks for everyone’s support, we have prepared a small thank-you gift.”

Zenless Zone Zero celebrates 50 million global downloads for the HoYoverse anime gacha game.

All players who reach Inter-Knot Level 1 or higher before the release of the next Zenless Zone Zero update, version 1.1, will be sent 1,600 Polychrome through the in-game mail, enough to trade in for ten Master Tape. You can then use these on the current Zenless Zone Zero banners if you’re in the market for shark girl Ellen, or can hold onto them for the second phase and Zhu Yuan, or save them even longer if you prefer.

With Ellen ranking at the very peak of our Zenless Zone Zero tier list, she’s one of the best early pickups you can get your hands on, and thus any additional chances to add her to your best Zenless Zone Zero team comps are very welcome. Whatever you choose to do with your Polychrome, however, you won’t want to miss out on claiming it.

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“Of course, to live up to everyone’s expectations and truly become a city of miracles, we are aware that there are still lots of improvements to be made,” HoYoverse continues. “We encourage all Proxies to provide feedback and suggestions via our official channels.” The team notes that its current priorities include optimization of game performance, along with development of a cloud gaming option for those on lower-end hardware.

“Since the start of Zenless Zone Zero’s closed beta tests, Proxies’ feedback has always been at the forefront of the dev team’s priorities,” the developer concludes. “We will listen to and record the valuable advice provided by each and every Proxy, actively pushing forward the optimization and development of each aspect of the game.”

There are even more free items to claim by using ZZZ codes, so make sure you haven’t missed any. We’ve also got all the latest details on the current and next Zenless Zone Zero events, which should also furnish you with plenty of currency.

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