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Best Zenless Zone Zero Grace build

This Belobog Industries employee can really stun the enemy, so make the most of her with the best Zenless Zone Zero Grace build in 1.0.

Best ZZZ Grace build: Grace, a black-haired Agent, wears red goggles on her head and holds a large weapon in her hand.

What is the best ZZZ Grace build? Grace Howard is one of the employees of BeloBog Industries, one of the major factions in the Zenless Zone Zero story. Like other members of her team, Grace is strong and excels in HP, but her Anomaly specialty really stands her out from the crowd.

As one of just two Zenless Zone Zero Anomaly characters at launch, Grace is unique, and that might be a reason for wanting to draw her from the latest ZZZ banners. In order to increase your chances, make sure you redeem all of the current Zenless Zone Zero codes, and once you’ve got her, get the very best performance from one of the top choices on our ZZZ tier list by equipping the best Grace build as we’ve detailed below.

The best ZZZ Grace build

The best ZZZ Grace build focuses on her Electric Attribute and her Anomaly Proficiency, allowing her to inflict more Anomaly buildup more quickly, thus debuffing enemies and dealing significantly more damage in a shorter time.

The best Grace build is:

  • W-Engine:
    • Fusion Compiler (S-Tier) or Electro-Lip Gloss (A-Tier)
  • Drive Discs:
    • Thunder Metal (Two-piece set)
    • Freedom Blues (Four-piece set)

The best Grace build in Zenless Zone Zero, fully equipped in-game.

Best ZZZ Grace W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
Fusion Compiler Increases attack by 12%, and increases Anomaly Proficiency by 25 for eight seconds when using a special attack or EX special attack, stacking up to three times.
Electro-Lip Gloss When enemies are inflicted with Attribute Anomaly, the user’s attack increases by 10% and they deal an additional 15% more damage.

As an Anomaly character, Grace’s Anomaly and Attribute stats are among her best, so we’ve focused on further boosting this with the Fusion Compiler ZZZ W-Engine. Not only does this boost Grace’s attack, but it also increases her Anomaly Proficiency significantly, increasing her Anomaly buildup with it, and thus inflicting her Attribute debuff far sooner, playing right into her wheelhouse.

If you don’t have the Fusion Compiler W-Engine, the Electro-Lip Gloss weapon is a fine A-Rank alternative for Grace. Playing off her decent base stats for building Attribute Anomaly quickly, Electro-Lip Gloss increases Grace’s attacks and damage.

Best ZZZ Grace Drive Discs

Drive Disk Effects
Thunder Metal (Two-piece set) +10% Electric damage
Freedom Blues (Four-piece set) +30 Anomaly proficiency. Plus, on a successful EX special attack, reduce the target’s Anomaly buildup resistance to the user’s Attribute (Electric) by 20% for eight seconds.
Does not stack.

Thunder Metal is even more of an obvious choice for Grace than you might think, given her status as an Anomaly character. Not only does Thunder Metal increase her Electric damage by 10%, but this is especially good since her Anomaly affluence and accompanying skills and gear make this increase even more considerable with Anomaly buildup in place.

Speaking of which, the Freedom Blues four-piece set is perfect for Grace and her other equipment thanks to an +30 increase in her Anomaly proficiency and a 20% reduction in the enemy’s resistance to Electric Anomaly buildup. All of this goes to further increase the impact of Grace’s Electric damage and speed up her Attribute Anomaly buildup, especially alongside either W-Engine above.

When choosing in which slots to place Grace’s ZZZ Drive Discs, don’t forget to keep an eye on drives’ base stats. For Grace, prioritize disks that increase Anomaly Proficiency or Electric damage before buffing her worst stats, like HP and defense.

With the best ZZZ Grace build above, this BeloBog Industries employee is ideal for some of the best ZZZ team comps. As you build out your best team ahead of the next ZZZ update, be sure to check out our other builds, including the best Ben Bigger build if you want a fellow BeloBog worker.