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How to increase ZZZ Inter-Knot level fast

Your Zenless Zone Zero Inter-Knot level quantifies your progress in the anime game, unlocking more challenges, story quests, and rewards.

How do you increase your ZZZ Inter-Knot level? Zenless Zone Zero is a more technologically advanced world than that of other Hoyoverse games like Genshin Impact, as you, a Proxy, spend your time locked into a computer system remotely controlling bunny-like bots. It’s unsurprising, then, that your progress is marked through your Inter-Knot level as you complete tasks for others in New Eridu – all while keeping your identity a secret.

Part of your challenge as you progress through Zenless Zone Zero is, simply, to increase you Inter-Knot level, and even one of the early game quests is based solely on this. Add to this the fact that you can earn valuable rewards for leveling up, including ZZZ Polychrome and other currencies for drawing Zenless Zone Zero banners, and we’re sure you want to level up fast. Here are some of the best ways to increase your Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero – and it’s not as simple as sharing a selfie.

A post on the Inter-Knot asks how to increase ZZZ Inter-Knot level fast.

How to earn ZZZ Inter-Knot Credit

Some of the best ways to increase your Inter-Know level fast are:

  • Commissions
  • Proxy Primer


Naturally, one of the best ways to level up is simply to complete story quests at the HDD. However, there are also usually some Exploration and Combat side Commissions going as well, and you should always check the Inter-Knot for new commissions you haven’t picked up yet. Complete all open commissions to farm serious Inter-Knot level experience.

Proxy Primer

The Proxy Primer is a series of collection challenges, and many reward Inter-Knot Credit as well as Dennies and other valuable rewards. To access the Proxy Primer, open the menu and click compendium, or access the Compendium menu directly in-game using F2, or your reassigned Compendium key.

An S-rank commission summary, increasing Zenless Zone Zero Inter-Knot reputation.

Inter-Knot Reputation

Your Inter-Knot Reputation is slightly different, and this is where your Commission Rank comes into play. When you complete a Commission, you’ll notice your performance is ranked, based on how well you complete your mission and, in Story and Exploration Commissions, whether you collect all Observation Data.

By completing Commissions to the best of you ability, i.e obtaining S-Rank as much as possible, your Inter-Knot Reputation increases. This means you receive more commissions, better commissions, and harder commissions, which in turn offer better rewards.

The Inter-Knot is a crucial part of your time as a Proxy and, now you know how to increase both your Inter-Know level and reputation quickly, you’ll be picking up new commissions all around. With all that pay coming in, you can then prepare for the next ZZZ update with Signal Searches, and try to pull the best ZZZ Bangboo, W-Engines, and characters.