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You can get free Zenless Zone Zero polychrome by clicking a button

Zenless Zone Zero polychrome is ZZZ's lifeblood, and you can get 190 - an Enhanced Master Tape's worth - for free by clicking a button.

You can get free Zenless Zone Zero polychrome by clicking a button: An anime girl with black short hair, red underneath, wearing a maid outfit looking across her shoulder as the sun shines in a blue sky

I was on annual leave last week, away from my desk, supposedly touching grass. What actually happened, however, is that I plowed literal days into Zenless Zone Zero, HoYoverse’s neo-futuristic anime game. I’ve fallen in love with Nicole, cried when my partner pulled Rina and I didn’t, and wiled away the hours collecting Zenless Zone Zero polychrome, the flickering rainbow resource that brings me ever-closer to finally pulling Ellen.

You see, the inaugural Zenless Zone Zero banner is pretty damn good, with the shark-tailed ice queen quickly becoming a must-have. The closest I’ve gotten to her, however, is roaming around Sixth Street and encountering her making mysterious phone calls – thus far, my Zenless Zone Zero pulls haven’t exactly been great.

So I, just like everyone else, have been desperately scrounging around for Zenless Zone Zero polychrome, the major resource that can, in turn, be upgraded into the coveted Encrypted Master Tapes – the gacha game‘s highest-tier currency. I’ve been completing every mission under the sun, from Agent Demos that leave me with some serious FOMO, to rushing to Howl’s scratch card booth every day. While that’s been pretty lucrative so far, there’s another way to grab up to 160 polychrome – and all you need to do is click a button.

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If you’ve ever played a HoYoverse game, you’ll know that the videogames themselves are heavily interconnected with the brand’s official website, oftentimes offering currency and other rewards for checking out specific pages. That’s exactly what you’ll have to do this time around, with up to 190 polychrome – which equates to an Encrypted Master Tape – on the line.

If you’re new to the page, you’ll scoop up 40 polychrome on your first check in, then 30, and another 30. From here, day five drops 20 polychrome, then day 13 and day 20 drop another 20 each. If you link your check-ins to your HoYoLAB account, you’ll also accrue an extra 30. In total, with the optional account linking, that comes out at 190 polychrome, which equates to either a Master Tape or an Encrypted Master tape and a little more.

An image of the Zenless Zone Zero Master Tape store

You can check in for 31 days, with a whole slew of rewards up for grabs. So if you’re looking ahead and hoping to pull Zhu Yuan, too, then I suggest you grab all of these goodies while you can.

Additionally, it’s worth checking out our up-to-date list of all of the current Zenless Zone Zero codes to score yourself even more resources. If your heart is set on Ellen like mine is, though, our Zenless Zone Zero Ellen build guide will help you master the sassy, shark-tailed ice queen when you finally add her to your roster.

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