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Best Zenless Zone Zero Rina build

The best ZZZ Rina build makes the most of this elegant maid's Electric attribute, with teamwide energy regeneration and damage support buffs.

ZZZ Rina build: Rina holds her hands up by her head like a spooky puppetmaster as she called on her ghost Bangboo to do her bidding.

What is the best ZZZ Rina build? Victoria Housekeeping boasts a slew of S-Rank agents that pack a punch, and Alexandrina Sebastiane is no exception. A humble maid, Rina’s gentle nature belies the shocking power of her ghost Bangboo, Drusilla and Anastella, which she commands to do her bidding. Rina is a powerful support character as standard, but crafting the best Rina build will really take your enemies by surprise.

Rina calls fellow housekeepers Ellen, Lyacon, and Corin allies in Zenless Zone Zero, though the W-Engines and Drive Discs for the best ZZZ Rina build preclude ZZZ team comps outside of this esteemed faction. While Rina is a fantastic character as standard, investing in the right gear will ensure that she earns her place in our Zenless Zone Zero tier list. While this often demands a few ZZZ banner pulls, we’ve included some free-to-play options in the gacha game, so you can build the best Rina build without spending a dime.

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The best ZZZ Rina build

The best Rina build is: 

  • W-Engine:
    • Weeping Cradle (S-tier) or Slice of Time (A-tier)
  • Drive Discs:
    • Swing Jazz (4-piece set)
    • Thunder Metal (2-piece set)

Weeping Cradle, the W-Engine in the best Zenless Zone Zero build

Best ZZZ Rina W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
Weeping Cradle 0.6/s increase for off-field Energy Regen, 3-second 10% increase to squad DMG against struck target following attack from equipper – increased by 1.7% every 5 seconds up to specified maximum
Slice of time Any squad members’ dodge counter, special attack, assist attack, or chain attack respectively generates 20/25/30/35 more Decibels and generates 0.7 energy for the equipper. This effect can trigger once every 12 seconds. The cooldown for each type of attack is independent of others. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.

The Weeping Cradle is one of our picks for the ideal ZZZ W-Engine of choice in the best Rina build in ZZZ due to its ability to lend optimal team support. This S-Rank engine not only increases squad damage but will also increase energy regeneration when off-field to make her additionally versatile.

If you prefer to stick to free-to-play options, then Slice of Time’s ability to regenerate a team’s dodge counter, special attack, assist attack, and chain attack is especially valuable too. Although it’s not as consistent as Weeping Cradle due to it only being able to trigger every 12 seconds, its abilities are valuable if strategized correctly.

Best ZZZ Rina Drive Discs

Drive Disc Effects
Swing Jazz (4-piece) Launching a chain attack or ultimate increases all squad members’ damage by 15% for 12 seconds. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.
Thunder Metal (2-piece) As long as an enemy in combat is Shocked, the equipper’s attack is increased by 27%.

Ideal for support, Swing Jazz is our definite ZZZ Drive Disc of choice for a Rina build thanks to its massive damage increase for squad members by using ultimates or pulling off chain attacks. Alternatively, if it’s a Strike build you’re after, Thunder Metal is perfect for buffing Rina’s Electric attribute. By investing in Rina’s Shock potential, you can make use of the 27% boost to the damage she deals for as long as you need.

Now you know the best build for Rina in Zenless Zone Zero, redeem the latest Zenless Zone Zero codes for extra ZZZ Polychrome to pull premium characters and W-Engines. Better yet, brush up on all current & upcoming ZZZ events coming to the anime game, so you never miss out on future freebies.