New Zenless Zone Zero trailer introduces the Hollows and flashy heroes

The new Zenless Zone Zero trailer highlights some of the action RPG's explosive high-flying action against the powerful Hollows threatening New Eridu

As expected, a new Zenless Zone Zero trailer debuted during Summer Game Fest 2022, highlighting an extensive look at ZZZ’s combat and some of the Hollows, enemies you’ll be facing off against during your time in the action RPG and a few of the extra-flashy, high-tech characters who call the city their home.

That said, we still don’t actually know what the Hollows are. They seem to be a mix of organic and mechanical lifeforms, with Hollows ranging from humanoid figures to giant robots bedecked with guns and other devices meant only to destroy everything in sight.

Zenless Zone Zero is something of a departure from Genshin Impact. In place of Teyvat’s vast open spaces and themed regions, the game unfolds in an urban setting more akin to Square Enix’s The World Ends With You, with ramen shops, video stores, and the densely packed metropolis of New Eridu as its central setting. While the trailer didn’t show much of it, the Hollows are what power your special abilities, after the playable characters absorb their ether and repurpose it for more constructive activities.

You play as a Proxy, one of the city’s defenders, and join with a group of other warriors to keep the Hollows at bay. And if you thought Genshin Impact’s character roster of astrologers and explosion-loving children was eclectic, wait until you see Zenless Zone Zero’s characters.

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Yes, that is a bear driving a robot into the ground. No, we don’t really know how or why – but we can’t wait to find out.

That’s not all HoYoverse showed off during Summer Game Fest. We also got a new glimpse of Honkai Star Rail in a gorgeous new trailer.

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