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Best Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon build

Despite his fluffy tail, Von Lycaon is a formidable Zenless Zone Zero agent, making way for a best build that makes most of its S-rank.

Von Lycoan in Zenless Zone Zero

What is the best ZZZ Lycaon build? A gentleman of Zenless Zone Zero, Von Lyacoan is an S-rank agent with an Ice-type attribute and Stun and Strike capabilities. If you want to make the most of this sophisticated beast-man, you’ll need the best ZZZ Von Lycaon build.

Like Rina and Corine Wicked amongst ZZZ characters, Von Lycaon is a member of Victoria Housekeeping Co. This definitely makes him stand out compared to other characters in anime games. Unlike his colleagues in the human resource dispatch agency in Zenless Zone Zero, he opts for hand-to-hand combat as opposed to weaponry. To deal the most damage to whichever foe you face, here’s the best Von Lycaon build in Zenless Zone Zero.

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The best ZZZ Lycaon build

The best Von Lycaon build is:

  • W-Engine:
    • The Restrained (S-tier) or Precious Fossilized Core (A-tier)
  • Drive Discs:
    •  Shockstar Disco (4-piece set, S-tier) 
    • Woodpecker Electro Polar Metal (2-piece set, S-tier)

Art of Von LycArt of Von Lycoan in Zenless Zone Zeron in Zenless Zone Zero

Best ZZZ Lycaon W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
The Restrained Increases ice damage by 20%. Basic attack damage and Daze increases by 12%.
Precious Fossilized Core When the target’s HP is no lower than 50%, the equipper inflicts 10% more Daze. When the target’s HP is no lower than 75%, this bonus is further enhanced by 10%.

The ideal W-Engine to use for the best Lycaon build in ZZZ is The Restrained with its consistent reliability in boosting Ice, Basic, and Daze damage altogether.

Precious Fossilized Core is the second-best pick due to it being more niche in helping further Daze weaker enemies. However, if your wish is to incorporate stunning more into your strategy, it’s still a great W-Engine to use.

Shockstar Disco, a Drive Disk in the best Zenless Zone Zero Von Lycaon build

Best ZZZ Lycaon Drive Discs

Drive Discs Effects
Shockstar Disco (4-piece) Basic Attacks, Dash Attacks, and Dodge Counters inflict 20% more Daze to the main target.
Polar Metal (2-piece) Increases ice damage by 10%.

Like the W-Engines picked for this build, the best Drive Discs for Von Lycaon hone on dealing more damage for various attacks and Daze. With the 4-piece Shockstar Disco though, your Von Lycaon can take things that much further with an added Daze for Basic, Dash, and Dodge Counter attacks as well.

Polar Metal will further buff the agent’s Ice damage as well, making this build a solid all-rounder when it comes to both Strike and Stun specialties in combat.

Now you know the best Von Lycaon build in ZZZ, check out the latest Zenless Zone Zero codes to get an extra edge with free rewards. Better yet, keep yourself up to date with the ZZZ events list or our Zenless Zone Zero tiers list so you know which characters are best.