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Best Zenless Zone Zero Zhu Yuan build

The best ZZZ Zhu Yuan build focuses on increasing her physical and Ether damage, while making the most of her Quick Reload talents.

What is the best Zhu Yuan build in ZZZ? The S tier character features in many of our favorite team comps thanks to her rapid attack rate and stylish martial arts. Creating the strongest build for her was an easy decision – we opted to increase her Ether damage even further, while taking advantage of her Quick Reload talent which instantly grants her Enhanced Shotshells after using them all in chained attacks.

Zhu Yuan is one of the ZZZ characters that utilizes martial arts in her attack style, meaning she will chain together attacks. Zhu Yuan is a member of Zenless Zone Zero‘s Criminal Investigation Special Response Team (CISRT) faction, and can only be obtained from a limited-time ZZZ banner. While her team comps are fairly limited due to her only being the second agent with the Ether attribute, she does pair well with the free character Nicole.

The best ZZZ Zhu Yuan build

Zhu Yuan focuses on martial arts and utilizes her Ether attribute, meaning that the strongest build for her should center around increasing the damage output of her Ether attacks even further.

The best Zhu Yuan build is:

  • W-Engine:
    • Riot Suppressor Mark VI (S-tier) or
    • Cannon Rotor (A-tier)
  • Drive Disks:
    • Woodpecker Electro (4-piece)
    • Chaotic Metal (2-piece)

The best ZZZ Zhu Yuan build

Best Zhu Yuan W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
Riot Suppressor Mark VI Increases Ether damage by 50%. Launching a special attack grants the equipper eight charge stacks. Whenever the equipper’s basic or dash attack deals Ether damage, it consumes a charge stack and increases the skill’s damage by 90%.
Cannon Rotor Increases crit rate by 12.8%. Attacks that land a critical hit on an enemy will inflict an additional 275% of attack stat as damage. This effect can only be triggered once every six seconds.

The Riot Suppressor Mark VI W-Engine, when fully upgraded, will increase Zhu Yuan’s Ether damage a huge amount. Building up her damage is the main goal here, and as her damage is split quite equally between Ether and physical, her physical damage output already has the edge over other similar characters. This is why we’ve chosen to focus on her Ether damage with her signature W-Engine. However, it is limited, so you can only obtain it during certain banners. That’s why we’ve provided the alternative Cannon Rotor option which is flexible enough to be used for most attack agents.

Best Zhu Yuan Drive Disks

Drive Disk Effects
Woodpecker Electro (4-piece) Triggering a critical hit with a basic attack, dodge counter, or special attack increases the equipper’s attack by 9% for six seconds. The buff duration for different skills is calculated separately.
Chaotic Metal (2-piece) Whenever a squad member inflicts corruption on an enemy, that enemy takes 18% more damage for 12 seconds. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.

Where we’d usually recommend equipping Woodpecker Electro alongside the metal set that corresponds to the agent’s attribute, we’ve changed our approach slightly for Zhu Yuan. Chaotic Metal is unique as it applies a debuff to the opponent rather than buffing the equipper. Zhu Yuan therefore doesn’t need to be the agent that holds the 4-piece Chaotic Metal. Due to her excellent synchronicity with Nicole, she can wear the 4-piece, leaving Zhu Yuan free to take the 4-piece Woodpecker Electro.

As Zhu Yuan will be released as part of a limited time banner, why not check out the current Zenless Zone Zero codes for more freebies in the meantime? If you’re unhappy with your lot, we’ve also got a guide on how to perform a ZZZ reroll, so you can try and pull for better agents.