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Permadeath FPS Zombi challenges you to survive infested London as long as possible


If you’re thinking “Hey Ben, that name sounds awfully familiar” then congratulations on being one of the thirteen people who own a WiiU. Zombi is a remake of ZombiU, a 2012 launch title for the struggling Nintendo platform, coming to nu-gen consoles and PC on August 18th. It had been rumoured for a while but publishers Ubisoft finally dropped the official news today with a trailer.

I hope eventually somebody actually makes the game that one Dead Island trailer and the first thirty seconds of this were for.

Zombi probably isn’t that, but it did review pretty well. Its main draw was placing you in the body of a different survivor every time you died, letting you get your equipment back – if you managed to return to the spot your now reanimated former avatar is carrying it. Plus it’s set in London, meaning lots of bringing a whole new meaning the term ‘tube strike’ while battling your way through abandoned platforms and around various landmarks.

The PC version will harnass “the power of the latest generation of hardware to bring gamers to a new level of horror” – so a graphical upgrade then – and “refined gameplay.” Originally it made quite heavy use of the second screen embedded in the WiiU gamepad, so those elements have been changed.

A Ubisoft blog post details the challenges of doing so. The excellent-sounding multiplayer mode of trying to kill off a survivor by placing the undead in their path sadly won’t be returning. There’s also been a redesign of the inventory and mini-game elements which originally were solely on the gamepad creating tension by forcing a player to look away from the main screen. Now they’re seperate menus, but the game is never paused so finding quiet, safe spots is key.

August 18th is only a few weeks away. Hopefully Ubisoft are marketing it so late as a ‘surprise, you can play this right now/soon!’ rather than a ‘this port is bad and we feel bad.” We’ll find out soon.