Zombies become endangered: DayZ gets 88,000 survivors in 12 hours

DayZ downloaded 88,000 times in 12 hours

DayZ only appeared on Steam yesterday, or at least the Early Access version, and within 12 hours, 88,000 copies of it had been snatched up by rugged survivalists. The zombies don’t stand a chance.

Considering the fact that it’s in early alpha and the store page is covered in warnings about its unfinished state, that’s a lot of brave souls.

Bohemia Interactive’s Marek Spanel revealed the figure on Twitter earlier today.

But even an hour after launch, figures were already impressive, Dean “Rocket” Hall tweeted.

He goes on to note that 200 new players were appearing in the database every second. Of course, many of these new players don’t understand Early Access, and have taken to the Steam forums, claiming the alpha is a “cash grab” and barely playable.