Zuckerberg wants the Meta Quest 2 to kick off a $100B VR business

During a recent company meeting, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed his aspirations for the company's AR and VR business such as its Quest 2 headsets

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wearing a Meta Quest 2 VR headset, wielding two controllers

The Meta Quest 2 (formally Oculus Quest 2) is already one of the most popular VR headsets ever made, but it seems that CEO Mark Zuckerberg views its success as a stepping stone to much loftier goals. In fact, he’s hoping that the company’s efforts to conquer the augmented and virtual reality markets will result in some serious revenue over the next decade.

During a recent company meeting leaked to The Verge, Zuckerberg describes what he hopes Meta can achieve through devices like Meta Quest 2 and Project Cambria, as well as other expansions into AR/VR.

“Our north star is can we get a billion people into the metaverse doing hundreds of dollars a piece in digital commerce by the end of the decade? If we do that, we’ll build a business that is as big as our current ad business within this decade.”

If Meta were to accomplish this, it would mean that their AR/VR exploits would generate around $100 billion each year, according to UploadVR. No one can say for sure whether this is achievable, but the recent price rise of the Meta Quest 2 may result in fewer people picking up the company’s best VR headset and opt for a competitor instead.