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20 minutes of Dead Space 3 footage shows “super-epic” boss fights, co-op and pulping


Put your scare-face on, because here’s a twenty minute long chunk of Dead Space 3 gameplay footage, lovingly presented by the game’s terminally energised executive producer Steve Papoutsis. That said, if you wouldn’t mind configuring your scare-face to respond more to co-op action-horror than the series’ traditional lonely survival horror, you’ll have a much scarier time of it. This is relentless.

The generous slice of gameplay footage features exploding trains, collapsing scaffolding and monsters that jump out and go “bleurgh!”, as well as cutscenes and dialogue that will change depending on whether your co-op buddy is playing with you, which Steve Papoutsis says is a bit like getting two games for the price of one. Hmm! Either way, I personally enjoy the mismatched pair of Isaac Clarke and his buddy John Carver. Those guys! Will they ever set aside their differences to overcome the necromorph threat? Probably!
Dead Space 3 is released on PC in February of next year. Also, look out for the pulping, which the excitable Papoutsis assures us is “super-awesome”.