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About Us

Here at PCGamesN we write about all things PC gaming, including news, features, guides, reviews, and more. We cover everything that we think is interesting to PC players – big or small, old or new. With a large and dedicated editorial staff, we’re always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our audience.


The hivemind/hydra behind PCGamesN.com. If in doubt, just scroll wildly and pick a name at random.

Joel Gregory – Publishing Director

For all things Network N or PCGamesN, although he’s both busy and grumpy.
[email protected]


Ben Maxwell – Editor

Share your industry secrets and coverage opportunities with Ben. He won’t tell anyone.
[email protected]


Richard Scott-Jones – Deputy Editor

Get in touch with pitches and story leads. Basically, anything features or news related.
[email protected]


Dave James – Hardware Editor

Lives in the corner of the office in a fort made out of graphics card boxes. Refuses to leave.
[email protected]


Jordan Forward – Games Editor

Loves SEO so much he once carved a pumpkin in its honour. This is the dedication we seek.
[email protected]


Jacob Ridley – Deputy Hardware Editor

Speaking of dedication: Jacob walks around with a pocket full of keyboard switches. True story.
[email protected]


Ali Jones – Deputy News Editor

Responsible for our League of Legends patch posts, and thus never allowed to go on holiday.
[email protected]


Dustin Bailey – News Writer

Covers the evening news shift and, as an American, all stories about British sports.
[email protected]




YouTube, Twitch, social media: if it’s in the realm of moving pictures, these are the people you want.

Keiran Fuller – Videographer

Camera expert, and thus responsible for making us look good on film. He does what he can…
[email protected]


Mark Prouse – Video Editor

Edits often include making the team look like gangsters. Might be auditioning for a job on GTA.
[email protected]


Caroline Oakes

Caroline Oakes – Presenter

Enthusiastically enthusiastic, often chilly, and so dedicated to video that she’s still available on VHS.
[email protected]


Ben Griffin

Benjamin Griffin – Video Producer

Part man, part… Griff. A charismatic, increasingly tattooed enigma with a penchant for gags.
[email protected]



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Andrew Church – Sales Director

Get in touch for all advertising queries, big or small, and he’ll get you to the right place.
[email protected]



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