2K apologises over Borderlands 2 language restrictions in Russia, says they’re working to “investigate potential support”


After Reddit exploded yesterday upon finding out that the version of Borderlands 2 that Russia, along with a handful of other Eastern European countries, was restricted to that single version, and unable to play with the rest of the world, 2K have made a statement on their forums regarding the situation.

They’ve apologised for any misunderstanding, and are willing to refund anyone who’s preordered or prepurchased the game and received the RU version of the game.

This doesn’t mean they’re backing down on restricting that version in terms of who it can play with, but it does mean they’ve acknowledged that such a restriction wasn’t clear to customers before they purchased.

As for all those people hoping that they would back down, that’s certainly not going to happen before the game launches this week, but, as 2K David states on the forum, “we are working with our product development teams to investigate potential support for additional languages and options for our customers in these territories. We will provide an update this week on our progress.”

Which isn’t quite a promise to do anything, but it at least means they’re considering it. However, as I pointed out yesterday, it does appear to be purely the digital version of Borderlands 2 that’s been restricted like this; the version bought in shops appears to be free to play with anyone in the world, despite it being a Steamworks game.

No doubt there’ll be more to say once 2K provide their update later in the week.